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Oleh Bro. Marteen Bouw

 After having worked seriously during the first five days of the Leadership Workshop, we were happy that on Saturday the 24th of August an outing had been planned. We were ready for it!

At nine o’clock in the morning we left Denekamp in a nice bus with a good driver who also knew how to explain the things we were going to see and to draw our attention to the sceneries worthwhile to see.

The first one and a half hours we drove through the beautiful landscape of the province of Overijssel until we reached the village Vilsteren. There we enjoyed our first coffee and pastry. The place also houses a particular exhibition of painting by Mr. Jan van der Horst. The most particular among them is a copy of the most famous painting of the most famous painter in The Netherlands. This painting is called “The Night watch” and the painter’s name is Rembrandt. It took Mr. Jan van der Horst five years to make this copy! We enjoyed admiring it!

From Vilsteren we drove through Yhorst and Staphorst, pitoresque places where we were supposed to see a good number of storks and their nests, as in these places provisions have been created to favour the breeding of these big birds. Unfortunately for us, it seems the storks also had planned an outing, and were not to be seen that day!

In a nice little village called Dwarsgracht, we enjoyed a lunch in a cosely furnished restaurant. After the lunch we enjoyed a tour through the many canals that facilitate the transportation in this village. It gave us a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this water rich environment.

Leaving from these we still visited a nature centre called “The Gate of Friesland”. What this centre offers is an extensive information by word and pictures, how from long ago, this area has been used to grow the reeds used for roofing the houses up to this very day!

This was the last place we visited before we returned to Ommen in Twente where, in a Chinese restaurant we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Well satisfied we left from there and headed for home in Denekamp where we arrived a quarter to nine, exactly twelve hours after our departure. It had been a wonderful day and everyone thanked the General Council for the wonderful treat received from them on that day.



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